Co-founder of Argentinian Tech Giant Globant Thinks Companies Should Take Metaverse, NFTs, and Crypto Seriously


Guibert Englebienne, co-founder of Globant, an Argentinian software development company, stated that all companies should be aware of what nascent technologies such as crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse are offering. Englebienne explained that these new technologies might disrupt the operations of existing businesses, and that some time might need to be invested to understand these effects.

Globant Co-founder Takes New Tech Seriously

Crypto and its derived products are starting to touch many industries tangentially, including the tech sector, and many companies are worried about the effects this might have. Guibert Englebienne, one of the co-founders of Globant, the Argentinian tech unicorn, has explained that this effect and the new tech that is emerging from the amalgamation of crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse sector should not be ignored.

Englebienne bases his opinion on the ample scope that these sectors have and how this can affect other businesses that are tangentially close to crypto, like tech. In an interview with local media, he stated:

Organizations in general, when they grow, crystallize in a business model that has been favorable to them and on which they have developed a habit and a custom, but the appearance of new technologies will generate disruption on your business. Devoting a part of your time to being able to understand this is essential.

Fan of NFTs, Crypto, and Metaverse

Englebienne, as co-founder of Globant, is a fan of these new technologies, including the metaverse, NFTs, and crypto. About the metaverse, he believes that while the tech is legit, there is still too much noise surrounding it. The air needs to be cleared to comprehend the real uses and potential of this new technology, according to him.

On crypto, Englebienne has also a positive attitude. However, he believes that this new bear market might be positive for the sector. he declared:

Regarding the recent falls in the markets, I think this is healthy to some extent because it cleans up the landscape and separates those projects that have a solid value proposition versus those that are simply speculation.

Furthermore, he stated bitcoin is “good as a diversification strategy and if one believes in cryptocurrencies, being able to make a bet on it, but always in a reasonable way.”

The co-founder of Globant is also a believer that when it comes to NFTs and their possible uses, saying that these enable interesting business models, but that there must be interesting projects using NFTs that understand “the real potential behind the technology,” instead of just using it as part of the current euphoria.

What do you think about the opinions that Globant’s co-founder has on crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse? Tell us in the comments section below.

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