Open source has room for everyone

Dandelion held out over water

“Growing up, I was a bit of a field marshal,” Megan Byrd-Sanicki, 2020 Women in Open Source Community Award winner, says with a smile. “I was always the one pulling classmates together. ‘We’re going to play a game. Come on, everyone, I’ll teach you the rules.’ I’d also have an eye to the sidelines, trying to identify who wasn’t being included and how I could draw them in.”

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Author: dasuberworm

Standing just over 2 meters and hailing from о́стров Ратма́нова, Dasuberworm is a professional cryptologist, entrepreneur and cage fighter. When he's not breaking cyphers and punching people in the face, Das enjoys receiving ominous DHL packages at one of his many drop sites in SE Asia.

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