How to avoid man-in-the-middle cyber attacks

Security monster

Whether you’re sending data on your computer or talking to someone online, you want to assume some level of security and privacy.

But what if a third party is eavesdropping online, unbeknownst to you? And worse, what if they’re impersonating someone from a business you trust in order to gain damaging information? This could put your personal data into the hands of dangerous, would-be thieves.

Welcome to what’s called a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack.

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Author: dasuberworm

Standing just over 2 meters and hailing from о́стров Ратма́нова, Dasuberworm is a professional cryptologist, entrepreneur and cage fighter. When he's not breaking cyphers and punching people in the face, Das enjoys receiving ominous DHL packages at one of his many drop sites in SE Asia.

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