Fourth Annual Bitcoin Brazil Conference Announced

The fourth annual Bitcoin Conference in Brazil is taking place December 10-11 in the city of Belo Horizonte. Organizers are expecting many entrepreneurs, startups, and executives to attend this event that promotes cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions.

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Brazil’s Fourth Event to Spread the Bitcoin Word in South America

This December the fourth Brazilian Bitcoin conference will be educating people from the region the benefits of emerging blockchain technologies. The conference will have a wide range of speakers coming from legacy businesses, early startups, and academia. Discussions will revolve around the budding blockchain industry, Bitcoin’s many advantages, and Ethereum.

Speakers will include Bitpagos  founder and CEO Sebastian Serrano, ChameleonBit CEO Diego Vellasco, Patrícia Estevão on Bitcoin usability and security, and Everton Fraga from the Ethereum project. The conference in Belo Horizonte was organized by André Horta CEO of Bitcoin To You, administrator of the Bitcoin Brazil group Wladimir Crippa, and P2P vendor Marcelo Brant.


Bitcoin Brazil Conferences Aim at Further Adoption

The first Brazilian Bitcoin conference “I BitConf” took place in Florianópolis. The event was very successful at bringing people together from many Brazilian states and Argentina. BitConf was an initiative started by the Brazilian Facebook community and other Bitcoin-related group pages.

The conference had many discussions concerning the importance of Bitcoin and economics. One speaker, Fernando Ulrich, a Mises Brazil Institute advisor and InfoMoney columnist, discussed the many benefits of Bitcoin within the Latin American economy. Throughout the event, many debate sessions discussed the decentralized money and blockchain landscape. Another discussion involved the Vice-President of the Bitcoin Foundation of Argentina, Rodolfo Andragnes and Bernardo Quintão, founder of Grow Investimentos, who participated in a roundtable conversation.

Since the first conference, organizers have held two more events with each growing bigger. The conferences have been focused on the surrounding cryptocurrency landscape in mainly Argentina and Brazil. However they also covered expansion in other countries, such as the US, China and Russia.


Bitcoin Is Growing Popular Across Latin America  

Bitcoin’s benefits are becoming well-known in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and across the Latin American region. Many countries in Latin America are suffering from a deep recession and steadily-increasing inflation. In particular, Venezuela’s inflation rate reached 720% over the course of the year with similar conditions taking place in neighboring countries. Quite a few citizens from these regions now want to take part in the decentralized Bitcoin economy.

Many believe Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina are fertile ground for bitcoin adoption. Currently, both these countries have seen an exponential rise in bitcoin usage, according to local bitcoins volumes. By the end of 2015, Bitpay had seen significant growth across Latin America with transactions up over 1747%. “Latin America is proving to be an incredibly favorable environment for Bitcoin. A high proportion of the population has little or no access to traditional financial services,” said Bitpay.

The fourth annual Bitcoin conference in Belo Horizonte Brazil aims to continue to curate this popularity. Tickets to the event are available here along with accommodations around the area.

What Bitcoin events and conferences will you be attending this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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